How the Texans got to where they are today.

For four years the Texans have started each new year with NOT enough available salary cap dollars to meet their minimum obligations. As a result they mortgage the future by restructuring contracts in order to complete a 53 man roster, practice squad and the other minimum obligations for that year. This has become a pattern of behavior over the last four years.

When all you can do is borrow to meet the minimum operation standards because of salary cap restraints, the team cannot get any better. After a few years of repeating the same process the team begins to decline and gets worse. Sadly with Kubiak and Smith, 2014 looks like more of the same and 2015 looks worse. The Texans have also released or traded many players who they have not replaced with equal or better talent.

When you compound poor management of the salary cap, along with average to below average drafts and a failure to upgrade or maintain the quality of the players lost, you get a recipe for the Houston Texans you see today.

However, as a result, today I am happy and exuberant because in recent weeks I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sure it may be a tough road over the next year and half but that is better than traveling the same road of the last 4 years. Change will be welcomed! I can now see the potential for a way to find the answer to Andrew Luck, playoffs and beyond the one and done.


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